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To offer many good things to elderly,
to our future generations,
as well as to our local community neighbors.
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On February 3rd 2019 Shinko Fukushikai held it's second ever musical titled Beautiful Life 2, at the Kamakura Performing Arts Center together with staff, family members and local talents!
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Elderly care

Under the Crossheart brand, Shinko Fukushikai assists individuals and their family members in a variety of care scenarios based on their wishes, user lifestyles, and physical and mental conditions, ranging from support for home care to assisted nursing in facilities.

Special Nursing Home

Crossheart Sakae Yokohama
Crossheart Noshichiri Sakae
Crossheart Saiwai Kawasaki

Group Home for Elders with Dementia

Crossheart Naka Yokohama
Crossheart Taya Yokohama
Crossheart Kanazawa Yokohama
Crossheart Miyamae Kawasaki
Crossheart Nikaido Kamakura
Crossheart Konan Yokohama
Crossheart Honkugenuma
Crossheart Minami Yokohama
Crossheart Engyo Fujisawa
Crossheart Juniso Kamakura
Crossheart Tsurumi Yokohama

Compound Service/Home-visit Service

Small-scale Multifunctional Nursing & In-home Care Crossheart Konan Yokohama
Crossheart Helper Station Sakae Yokohama
Home Visit Nursing Care Crossheart Konan Yokohama

Senior Residence with Long-term Care

Crossheart Shonandai Fujisawa
Crossheart Ishinazaka Fujisawa
Crossheart Shonandai Nibankan

Community Services

Byobugaura Community Care Plaza
Noshichiri Community Care Plaza
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We operate KIDDIE childcare centers in Kanagawa Prefecture. KIDDIE child care centers strive to improve their day care services each day based on a policy of individuality, possibilities, individuals, and love.
KIDDIE Kugenuma Fujisawa
KIDDIE Kugenuma Fujisawa Annex
KIDDIE Futago Kawasaki
KIDDIE Yurigaoka Kawasaki
KIDDIE Furuichiba Hoikuen
KIDDIE Ishikawacho Yokohama
KIDDIE Suzukicho Kawasaki
Child Rearing Support KIDDIE Yokodai
KIDDIE Motosumiyoshi Kawasaki
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Disability supports

At Shinko Fukushikai, we employ and also provide group home services for people who live with disabilities.

Group Home for People with Disabilities

Crossheart Heights Higashi Maita
Crossheart Heights Minami Ota
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Seiko Adachi

・Director of Social Welfare Corporation Shinko Fukushikai (2010-)
・Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneurs (2014-)
・Director of The Society of Management Research for the Social Welfare Foundations
・Director of Local Elderly Care Management Center
・2006 Director of Local Elderly Care Management Center
・2000 Director of intensive care home for elderly
・1999 Joined Social Welfare Corporate Shinko Fukushikai, after working at international business development, Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

・Care manager (Long-term Care Support Specialist)

Languages: Japanese, English

Masue Katayama

・Founder & Executive Director of Social Welfare Corporation Shinko Fukushikai
・Executive director of Japan United Caregivers Association (*)
・Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneurs (2014-)
・Senior Fellow of Ashoka (2012-), the international organization supporting social entrepreneurs

Language: Japanese

(*) Japan United Caregivers Association:
The organization aims to develop "a social system," which makes everyone happy, in the collaboration among private, academic and government sectors, by promoting the use of advanced technologies, studying new frameworks to respond to the needs of the times, etc. Sponsor companies include Softbank Corporation, SEIKO Holdings Corporation, Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Inc., Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. Panasonic Corporation, Mizuho Bank Ltd., JR East Japan Railway Company, Nomura Real Estate Holdings.
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Ashoka Fellowship 2012 Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneurs 2014 Funai Foundation Great Company Award Grand Prize 2014
Shinko Fukushikai founder Masue Katayama was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2012, having created the broadly utilized Shinkou-Kai model for private nursing homes which provides comfortable yet affordable housing options for Japanese elderly.
Shinko Fukushikai's founder Masue Katayama and Director Seiko Adachi were among those awarded the Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneurs of the Year in 2014.
In 2014 Shinko Fukushikai won the Funai Foundation Great Company Award Grand Prize among 5000 other companies.
Living of the Year 2018 Grand Prize
On October 12th, the Crossheart Ishinazaka facility of Shinko Fukushikai won the "Living of the Year" 2018 Grand Prize. "Living of the Year" is an award given by "The Council of Senior Housing Industry Executives" that acknowledges extrordinary efforts of elderly housing facilities.
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Click on the image below for company statistics during fiscal year 2016.
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"Nobody has done it before, so let’s do it" - Shinko Fukushikai is the result of putting that way of thinking into practice. In an era when welfare services such as childcare and elderly care are indispensable, we think that public corporations are able to change society through welfare and bring forth welfare that is necessary for the era.

To realize that, we need individuals with various capabilities. In order to respond to a variety of caretakers, we need diverse human resources. Young people, people with a lot of experience, healthy people, people who live with diseases, people who live with disabilities, Japanese people, foreigners, our friends, everyone.

Even if you lack experience and knowledge about childcare and elderly care, there are opportunities for people whose fields of expertise are in social sciences and natural sciences to demonstrate their abilities to their hearts content. Furthermore, we will support your career with a fulfilling training system.

Hiring new graduates
We value the "personalities that are unique to each person" as well as "imagination and the ability to take action". Whether your background is in social sciences or natural sciences, you will be able to demonstrate your abilities which you have in your field of expertise to your hearts content at Shinko Fukushikai.

Advertised positions/fields
1) Caregiver
Qualifications are unnecessary when joining the company.
2) General welfare work
Initial work will be caregiving. Later on, it is possible to become involved in development of welfare devices and equipment, and launching new businesses.
3) Nutrition management worker
Applicants who are expected to obtain nutritionist qualifications are eligible; initial work will be nursing care. Your work can be related to caregiving and childcare.
4) Nursery teacher
Qualifications, which are expected to be acquired at the time of graduation, are required upon entering the company.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or are interested in visiting our facilities.

Mid-career recruitment
Work can be comprehensive and include caregiving, childcare and nursing. Age or experience does not matter. Those who have gaps in their work history are also welcome. There are career opportunities for you in more than 30 different facilities in Kawasaki, Yokohama and Fujisawa.

Advertised positions/fields
1) Caregiver
Qualifications: Certified care worker/helper level 2 is preferred (contact us if you do not have any qualifications or experience).
2) Nursery teacher
Qualifications: Nursery teacher (qualifications are required upon entering the company, but please feel free to apply even if you have no experience or if you are a male nursery teacher).
3) Nurse
Qualifications: Nurse license or assistant nurse license.

Salary/working conditions
1) Caregiver
Base salary: 185,000 yen (can increase when taking experience into account).
Part-time: Hourly wage is 980 yen/hour for experienced, 960 yen/hour for inexperienced.
Allowance of 10,000-15,000 can also be given if you have any other relevant skills. Night shift allowance is an additional 4,000 yen/time (full-time), for part-time work; night shift allowance depends on the facility.
Holidays: 8 days within 4 weeks; 3 days per week for part-time workers, or in accordance with negotiations.
Working hours: Day shifts include 7:00-16:00, 9:00-18:00 and 12:00-21:00 with a 60 minute break, and night shift is between 18:00-8:00 with 120 minutes of break.
- It’s possible to do only night shifts. Shift times may also differ between facilities.
- You can also get compensated for commuting with your own motorcycle.
- Please consult with the facility manager regarding commute by car.

2) Nursery teacher
Base salary: 185,000 yen (can increase when taking experience into account).
Holidays: 8 days within 4 weeks.
Work hours: Between 7:00-20:00 (work shifts are 8 hours).
Holidays and shifts differ depending on facility.

3) Nurse
Base salary: 230,000 yen (assistant nurse), 250,000 yen (regular nurse), can increase when taking experience into account.
Allowance for each qualification (full-time): nurse 50,000 yen, social worker 30,000 yen, nursing care support specialist 15,000 yen, nursing care worker 5,000 yen.
Housing allowance (household head only): 15,000 yen (under 30 years of age), 5,000 yen (over 30 years of age).
Transportation expenses: support up to 30,000 yen.
Other benefits include raise of salary, bonus twice a year, loan of uniform, welfare benefit (subscription to Sowel Club), and social insurance.

We hold job interviews whenever needed.

Training system
At Shinko Fukushikai, we carry out comprehensive training in accordance to employment period and position, in addition to specialized training for each professional field within the company.

All-staff college
Understanding of the corporate philosophy and quality objectives, and deeper understanding of the important topics of the year.

College for newly employed mid-career staff
During 2 days, learn the corporate philosophy and role of a social welfare corporation, and acquire basic knowledge concerning nursing and medical care.

College for newly graduated
Throughout the year, gain professional knowledge regarding caregiving and childcare, as well as knowledge relevant to a working adult and member of society.

College for managers (leaders)
Aimed at leaders and above, gain field specific professional knowledge and learn about communication and managements.

College for facility managers
Acquire increased awareness and business skills as a person in charge.

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Shinko Fukushikai
Social Welfare Corporation Headquarters
1-5 Hiecho, Minami-ku, Yokohama 232-0011, Japan

Telephone: (+81) 045-260-0568
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