Elderly Care

Under the Crossheart brand, Shinko Fukushikai assists individuals and their family members in a variety of care scenarios based on their wishes, user lifestyles, and physical and mental conditions, ranging from support for home care to assisted nursing in facilities.

Special Nursing Home

Crossheart Sakae Yokohama
Crossheart Noshichiri Sakae
Crossheart Saiwai Kawasaki

Group Home for Elders with Dementia

Crossheart Naka Yokohama
Crossheart Taya Sakae
Crossheart Kanazawa Yokohama
Crossheart Miyamae Kawasaki
Crossheart Nikaido Kamakura
Crossheart Konan Yokohama
Crossheart Honkugenuma
Crossheart Minami Yokohama
Crossheart Engyo Fujisawa
Crossheart Juniso Kamakura
Crossheart Tsurumi Yokohama

Compound Service/Home-Visit Service

Small-Scale Multifunctional Nursing & In-Home Care Crossheart Konan Yokohama
Crossheart Helper Station Sakae Yokohama
Home-Visit Nursing Care Crossheart Konan Yokohama

Senior Residence with Long-Term Care

Crossheart Shonandai Fujisawa
Crossheart Ishinazaka Fujisawa
Crossheart Shonandai Nibankan

Community Services

Byobugaura Community Care Plaza
Noshichiri Community Care Plaza